World’s top software companies

Back in the day many of the most traditional companies made software’s which are copied on to a disc and the customer would buy it who then would install the program on their computer. Unlike back then lot of companies now operate on various different business plan models and provide a wide range of services and goods available for cloud computing in Perth.

These services include the sale of a software licence, maintenance, subscription fees, and other service. Most of the new companies are converting towards software as a service which customers could not buy directly, but rather get a paid through subscription from the provider and gain access to their server in order to download a copy. This article will short list some of the best organizations making revenue from software,Microsoft Corporation or most commonly known as Microsoft is a reigning software company based in the United States of America, their major businesses include developing and selling software products, consumer electronics and personal computers.

They have been one of the biggest names among other it companies, they are mostly famous for the line-up of the operating systems provided by the company known as “Microsoft windows”. The company was founded by the two entrepreneurs namely Paul Allen and bill gates, they continue their dominance in the market with an estimate revenue bracket of billion dollars 77.85 since of recent reports.The company that has retained the second position in the business are “Oracle Corporation”, their services specialize in providing solutions for cloud based software’s, database technologies, end enterprise software products.

They have become famous for developing software products after Microsoft. They have a lot of managed it services under their belt, the company is owned by Larry Ellison. The main aim of the it disaster recovery was to develop software database systems. The company has an estimated value of billion dollars 34.74 “International business Management Corporation” is a company base in American based Software Company with operations brunched out in 170 countries, they manufacture computer hardware, middleware and software. Other many inventions by the company includes automated teller machines, floppy disk and sql programming language.

Currently 25 to 30 of the most of revenue of the company are generated by software products. This company compromises of a total revenue of 34.74 billion dollars in total.“Symantec Corporation” is a technology based company headquartered in California, they produce software’s focused for security, storage and availability. The company was founded by Gary Hendrix. They were also focused on artificial intelligence based products. They are dubbed the global front-runner in software security solutions with a total revenue made of dollars 6.9 billion.